Get to Know
the HireBu Team

HireBu’s platform connects the best vetted freelance talent around the world with brands and business owners who need their services. Feel free to collaborate, communicate and connect!

Nate McKelvey

HireBu co-founder

“Successful businesses have three things in common: Strategy, Process, and Execution."

“Known for his strategic mind and comprehensive, holistic business approach and with over two decades of experience in online marketing, web and application development, digital optimization, web development, SEO, and online branding, Nate’s career is proof positive that this approach works.”

Carla Higham


"HireBu, to me, is very exciting; it’s empowering people and giving them tools that they need whether to grow as a freelancer or as a business owner.”

“With an intensive background in advertising and public relations, Carla has grown from an influencer trend trailblazer in Southeast Asia into a storyteller with an emblematic people-first approach and unique ability to storify content and strategy. Her ability to craft authentic brand narratives that foster meaningful, lasting connections with audiences is what keeps HireBu running.”

Danielle Wassmer

Head of Project Management

“Im very proud to be part of the growth of talents from all over the world”

“From Client servicing to event management, digital marketing to social media strategy, Danielle’s experience in the fast-paced world of online marketing has sharpened her ability to deliver (and overdeliver) quality output all the while infecting everyone with her “Yes, we can!” energy.”