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Find the best admin support & virtual assistant talent

Bu has access to the best vetted admin support & virtual assistant talent around the world…

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If you're looking for a way to save money and increase your productivity, hiring a freelance virtual assistant may be the perfect solution. Hire virtual assistants as they offer a cost-effective way to outsource tasks that you can't or don't want to do yourself. They can also help you stay organized and focused, freeing up time to do more important things.

Think about it – if you have one task that you regularly outsource to a virtual assistant, then all of sudden that task becomes easier. Suddenly, everything is in one place and there's no need to search for paperwork or emails. You simply open up your VA's folder and start working!

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider hiring a freelance virtual assistant. For example, some people find it difficult to multi-task and delegate tasks properly; a VA can take on these responsibilities for them while they focus on other things. Additionally, many people are busy during the week but would like some flexibility with their schedule on the weekends; a VA can accommodate this by working remotely. So whether you're short on time or just want someone to take care of specific tasks for you, hiring a freelance virtual assistant might be the best solution!

Carl Ravanes

Package 1

Sales Enablement Support for LinkedIn ($13.00/hourly)

Johannes Lourde Benabese

Package 1

Virtual Assistant ($26.00/hourly)


Package 1

Project Planning ($26.00/hourly)

Andrea Gutierrez

Package 1

General Virtual Assistant ($3.90/hourly)

Kathrine Faith Scruggs

Bs Psychology Major

Package 1

Admin Virtual Support ($13.00/hourly)

Morufat Abiodun Kenku

HND,ACII and LinkedIn certification

Package 1

Telemarketer ($10.40/hourly)

Krisven Caludtiag

Package 1

Experienced Telemarketer ($10.40/hourly)

Crist Vermont Samson

Package 1

Customer Service/Sales ($7.80/hourly)

Rozziya Katya Tuazon

Package 1

Data Entry ($5.20/hourly)

Package 2

Calendar Management ($5.20/hourly)

Rogelyn Bandin

Package 1

Telemarketer ($9.10/hourly)

Caryl Nazaredo

Package 1

Telemarketer ($4.55/hourly)

Asad Naeem

Telemarketer and Virtual Assitant

Package 1

Telemarketer ($4.16/hourly)

Package 2

Chat Support ($3.90/hourly)

Bu has access to the best vetted talent around the world…

  • ……whooo have been trained on a process to follow industry best practices,

  • …whooo are connected to your team through a chat and a workflow application,

  • ……whooo you can provide access to your strategy and plan to get individuals productive right away.