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Find the best graphic design talent

Bu has access to the best vetted graphic design talent around the world...

  • …whooo can make infographics, social media posts, PowerPoint/Google Slides presentations, and more

  • …whooo are able to make your vision come to life on the screen

  • …whooo knows what visually appeals to your audience

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Stein Roald Nogaliza

Graphic Designer / Industrial Designer

Package 1

Graphic Design ($5.20/hourly)

Samantha Jaimee Bacon

Brand Identity and Website Design | Social Medi...

Package 1

Purposeful Branding ($646.10/fixed)

Muhammad Saad

Mechanical Engineering

Package 1

3D CAD Product Designing and 2D Drawings ($19.50/hourly)

Package 2

3D Mechanical Products and Rendering in solidworks ($26.00/hourly)

G M Mehedi Hasan Roby

Package 1

Mechanical Design ($13.00/hourly)

Waqas Arshad

Package 1

Mechanical/Product/Architect Design/ 2D, 3D Modeli ($13.00/hourly)

Bu has access to the best vetted talent around the world…

  • …whooo have been trained on a process to follow industry best practices,

  • …whooo are connected to your team through a chat and a workflow application,

  • …whooo you can provide access to your strategy and plan to get individuals productive right away.