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DPS college Okara

Pre medical, 2017-2020

Lahore school of economics

Marketing and media, 2020-2024




Admin Support & Virtual Assistants

Job Type : Hourly

$ 4.16 /hourly

I will provide my services and help the company reach out to the clients and sell services and products very efficiently. I will be responsible for the positive outcome of the company. More

Chat Support

Admin Support & Virtual Assistants

Job Type : Hourly

$ 3.90 /hourly

I will provide my services for chat support to the company. I will handle the company at the back end and will make sure that the communication, through which our trust will be built, is the best i... More

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Telemarketer and Virtual Assitant

Hello, I am a very hardworking and creative person and will provide you with my best services. Feel free to reach out to me!show more


Customer Sales Representative | Supplax

Feb 2020 - Dec 2020

It is an American-based lead generation company. I used to deal with all the concerns of customers, their needs and demands, and convey their details to the labor we were working with. I also used to manage all the chat support. I used to talk with the customers and hire dumpsters, carpenters, and plumbers from Facebook. Used to talk to them and explain that why they should be working with us. In this way, I was building a mutual corporation and understanding between customers, labour and company. I used to verify all the details of the customers, dealing with them in a very proficient way. I always made sure the customers are satisfied with the service we were providing them.

Telemarketer | DinCo

Dec 2020 - Mar 2022

It is an Outsourcing company that deals with American clients. It was a medical insurance company and usually, we have to deal with old-age American clients. We used to sell our Medicare insurance to clients. I always made sure that I gave each and every detail to the client in a very professional way. Furthermore, I used to achieve all the targets given to me in less time. I am very creative when it comes to telemarketing and almost every client it is always satisfied with me.

Telemarketer | Supplax

Mar 2021 - Mar 2022

It was the same company I used to work for before. I was handling telemarketing for them. We were selling epoxy floors and installation services to the customers. Are used to providing all the details given to me to the customers so they can have a perfect decision for their homes. I deal with every client with patience, and I have a convincing tone so that the client can easily get the product. I work on the rules of building trust with the clients and listening to them and their concerns very carefully.

Virtual Assitant | BlackHat Team

Mar 2022 - Jun 2022

Team Black hat hired me as a virtual assistant to handle their Twitter. I was managing the chat support and kept the community very busy. I used to manage a team under me. I used to make a daily report and achieve the daily targets very easily and within time.


Virtual sales expert at LSE

It was my University project, because of my bachelor's in marketing. In this, we have to launch our product virtually, and we need to sell this to the people around us and around the globe. We have to come up with a unique idea. Also, we had to be very proficient in selling the product to the customers and giving them a brief descriptions of our product.


  • Telemarketing
  • Vistual assistance
  • cold calling
  • chat support
  • sales representative
  • customer support
  • reports making
  • MS office
  • MS excel
  • Canva
  • Lightroom
  • Content writer